The Lamborghini Elemento – An Engineering Marvel

download (7)A pure masterpiece in design and a supercar that has been taking it to the extreme. “Sesto Elemento” means “the six element” and refers to the atomic number if carbon, due to the significant amount of carbon in the production of this vehicle.

When it comes to the design the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento is truly one of its kind. The all wheel drive, 6-speed semi automatic paddle shift is paired with a 5.2 litre V10 engine generating 570 horsepower @ 8000 rpm and about 400 ft/lbs of torque @ 6500 rpm. What makes this car truly unique is the chassis, body, driveshaft and suspension components are all made of carbon fiber reducing the overall weight to a mere 999 kilograms (2,202 lbs), a comparable weight to subcompact cars. This gives the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento a very strong power to weight ratio. Lamborghini claims that the Lamborghini Elemento has an acceleration time of 0-62 mph (0-100km/h) in just 2.5 seconds.

As for the interior, Lamborghini kept it simple with this one. It has only the basic comforts such as air-car stereo and air-conditioning. There are no actual seats

Services Provided by a Mobile Car Valeting Business

download (8)Mobile car valeting agencies are available to bring the services to a person’s doorstep. These companies have qualified workers who can do everything to make sure one’s car remains clean at all times, in case one has a busy schedule and no time to waste. Check below to discover what are the different types of car valeting services.

Wash and leather service

This service includes hand washing with the use of wax shampoo and full cleaning of the car’s interior leather. More to that, the experts clean the car wheels and could also do rubber dressing of the tyres and its mud flaps.

Exterior valeting services

An exterior valet service is another type of service that’s offered by mobile car valeting agencies. Exterior valeting services include broad cleaning of the outside along with hand polishing body work, with the use of five different kinds of wax which depend on the condition of the paintwork the car has. Also, these cleaners could clean the exterior vinyl surface of the vehicle by use of a plastic dressing and they could do rubber dressing of tyres and mud

Why We Love Cars

bcvmtpvcyaega80This is one of those questions that seems like a no-brainer until you try to tackle it. Why do people fall in love with their mode of transportation? The simple answer is that many people do not. While many claim to be enthusiasts and purchase their brand new Porsche as evidence, only a select few use excuses to hit the open road. These people are the true lovers and their lives would simply not be the same without cars.

Part of the reason we love cars is likely due to the fact that our parents, brothers, or friends loved cars and influenced us to take part in the culture. Similar to a dad bringing his kids to a baseball game and they in turn fall in love with the game, cars are typically something we learn to love over time. For me, it was riding in my dad’s 1997 Mustang Cobra convertible that forever turned me into a car lover. The burble and crackling of the 4 valve V8 making all the right noises has quite the impression on a 5-year-old.

Find The Best Of Auto Repair

Vehicle care that you do everyday is  the important one and you must be attention to it. why must like that ? cause the good condition of your vehicle can extend the life of your car. You must know that the Poorly maintained vehicles is one of the biggest second  factors after the negligence  driver causes of road accidents. So you must be attention about it, and be careful about your vehicle. Make sure that you had checked your vehicle routinely, especially when going to travel far enough, the condition of the car should be really good and deserves to make the trip . Be attention about the engine condition, tires and the lights, three parts or that are the most important part of the car. Then if you need automotive repair service , auto repair Tolleson will be help all about your problem about the vehicle. It’s the professional one to repair your every vehicle (gas or diesel) such as car’s, suv’s, vans and trucks. If you need it then you just visit the link above then just call them. they will be help you although you are a busy person. Then, you just need in

What You Need To Know About Speed Bumps

Speed bumps are important as they help you to slow down thus preventing you from making an accident. While they are important, they can destroy your car if you don’t tackle them properly.

How bumps can destroy your car

Speed bumps can destroy different parts of your car. The most affected areas are shocks. These are units that absorb road imperfections. While the units are designed to take the pressure, they have their limit. If you hit bumps at high speeds you can cause them to bend in many different ways thus forcing you to buy new ones.

Bumps can also destroy your steering where they can break the steering rack mounts, throw the wheels out of alignment or even cause leaks in the power steering. Car experts have also shown that bumps can also damage your car tires. Tires are designed to touch the ground using only the flat surface. When you don’t tackle the bumps properly you force the sides of the tires to scrape the ground thus damaging them.

Guide on how to properly tackle bumps

The key to avoiding damaging your car is slowing down as you come across

Five Tips To Keeping Your Tyres In Good Condition

Check the treads:

Car tyres wear down from time to time. Every tyre has its own lifetime and you need to make sure that tyre you are using is in its optimum life. When that time exceeds, the chance of getting trapped into a road accident increases. It is like the sole of a shoe! You can’t use the shoe once the sole has eroded. So you need to take a note of the lifetime of the tyre you are using for your case. There is a tread depth mark available in every country. You need to meet the representative from tyre companies of your locality in order to know the actual tyre tread depth mark of your country and try to follow that.

Keep your tyres align:

Suppose one of your tyres has worn down and you need to replace it with someone else. If the new tyre is not in sync with the rest three, the tyres will wear down at different times! So you need to make sure that tyres are aligned and at least you can curb down the chance of accident while driving on the roads!

Check the tyre

Handy Tips For Lubricating Electric Motor Bearings With Grease

Machines and vehicles depend on proper lubrication so that friction forces are reduced. If friction forces are not reduced, the machine or vehicle’s life cycle will be decreased. As such, if you want to get the most out of your equipment or vehicles, it is essential that their roller bearings are lubricated regularly and correctly.

Today, motor experts are recommending machine and vehicle owners to do or carry out optimized lubrication. Optimized lubrication means applying new grease on bearings when needed and using just the right amount and type of grease to return friction levels to an acceptable level.

To carry out optimized lubrication properly, here are some useful tips you should follow:

Identify when you need to lubricate the bearings.

It can be tricky to know how often to apply grease. Keep in mind that lubricating bearings, when they don’t need grease, will cause them to malfunction and get damaged, too.

The frequency of lubrication can be influenced by various factors, including heat and humidity, the dimensions of the ball bearings or roller bearings, frequency of use and duration of running time when in use, and type of grease used.


How Does the 2017 Ford GT Stack Up?

How will it compare to the competition?

The GT is by no means a Shelby GT 350 R, not even close. Besides the over $350,000 jump in price and the additional 100 or more horsepower. The new GT is even more track-focused then the previous ones. And the mid-engine layout, combined with the GT’s carbon-fiber construction it much more than a muscle car and more of a Super car.

Even though Ford has not decided on a specific horse power, the new GT with 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 will produce more than 600 horsepower. Standing up well to the Corvette Z 06 and its’ 650 horses. Now Ford says it is working on the power-to-weight ratios to be the best of any production car. Even if they can’t hit the ratio of the Koenigsegg One with its 2.2 lbs / hp and make it to the range of the McLauren P1 with its 3.5 lbs / hp. Even with its aerodynamics the approx. 3500-lb Corvette Z06 may be a little overweight to held ground with the new GT.

Priced like a Lamborghini Aventador

Knowing it’s expected price range points to the real competition of

Used Cars Are a Safer Bet – Here’s Why

Are you getting ready to buy your next car? If so, you’ve probably started to search through lots at local dealerships. Browsing all the latest performance and technology features can make new vehicles look very tempting. However, slow down before you make that big purchase. Here are a few things to consider that might save you time, money, and a whole lot of stress.

The Market
Buying a previously owned vehicle is becoming much more common because many automobiles last much longer than previous models. Advancements in auto technology and improved maintenance practices have extended the lifespan of most cars to upwards of 200,000 miles. An option already on the market could still operate like new for many for miles and road trips.

The Value
Most importantly, used cars typically represent a great value. Even just a basic web search will reveal how much you can save for a vehicle that’s just a few years old. For example, a new option that retails for around $30,000 can be acquired a few years later for $20,000 or less. This choice will often be in nearly new condition but have a cheaper price tag because of depreciation. If

What You Should Be Doing To Protect The Value Of Your Car

Aside from your townhouse, condo or home, your car is probably one of the largest and most important assets that you will ever invest in. Sadly, however, these investments can depreciate fairly quickly, especially if drivers aren’t careful to take good care of them. Following are several things that you can do to protect the resale value of your automobile, even with regular and heavy use.

Establish a feasible maintenance plan and diligently adhere to it. Make sure that this entails measures that you can actually afford to maintain over the long-term. If you already have a trusted mechanic, ask this professional about any available discounts, programs or packages pertaining to scheduled maintenance services. If you do not, start looking for one by carefully screening several local, top-rated providers.

Always work with licensed mechanics who are capable of uploading the details of the services supplied, right to your vehicle history report. This way, each time a new treatment is performed, this will become a part of the report. When you get ready to sell, prospective buyers can order and review this document and can see that you have made every effort to take good care of

Portable Car Tent – A New Way To Protect Your Car

This content is intended for the responsible drivers who want to protect their car. If you’re like most automobile owners, you want your car to look nice and stay cool in the summer time. You wash your car regularly and service it with routine maintenance and oil changes. But what happens when you park your vehicle under a tree and get sap or bird droppings on your hood? It can be nearly impossible to remove sap without damaging the glass or paint on your car. What about those hot days when you get in your car after work and it feels like a sauna inside? Now there’s a way to solve these problems with a portable car tent. You are surely wondering what it is. Below, you can find out more about this item, and learn how to use it.

Whenever you need to park your lovely beauty outside. Your car will thank you for this. If you are waiting for someone in your car, it can never get better than this. If you are planning outdoor activities, your car definitely needs the car tent. Also, it is helpful when you go on business trips. All in

How Do You Know Which Car Fits Your Lifestyle?

There are hundreds of cars, SUVs, trucks and minivans to choose from when purchasing a vehicle. To make the right choice you must first consider all functions a car provides you. Yes its main function is to get you from point A to point B (and sometimes to C, D & E) but what else do you need it to do for you? Whether you know it or not, there are dozens of criteria a car must have to fit your lifestyle.

For example, if you have children you would need a certain type of vehicle, right? However, that vehicle may change if you have 4 children versus 2. Also, if you have a long commute to work and gas prices are a significant factor in your monthly budget, that could change the search of vehicles that would work for you as well. Maybe you want an electric car… that’s fun, right? Make sure you have access at home to a charging station… Some condos, especially older ones, don’t have this and they can’t be added without spending thousands of dollars. Also, batteries need to be replaced on those after a certain number of miles which can

2016 Maruti Alto 800 Review


Maruti has made a mark in the Indian car market through its affordable models that combine class, fuel efficiency and affordability all in one visual masterpiece. Maruti Alto 800 is one such car that has captured the whims of many generations here in India. Now, this car has undergone some minor updates to its exteriors, interiors, features and specifications. This will help it to tackle with the competition, especially against the likes of Renault Kwid. Let us explore the vehicle and the changes it received.

Background and Evolution:

Launched originally in 1983, the vehicle has evolved and matured with the needs of the industry over the years, without ever losing ground in the market. After countless revisions, this latest Maruti Alto 800 has a blend of most things that today’s auto base could ask for.

Ride and Handling:

Despite having puny tyres, its road manners are well within acceptable levels. Its handling feels safer and the behavior can be foreseen, which only contributes for more efficient driving characteristics. Its suspension too feels a bit cushion than its predecessor, but still there is a bit of jerkiness with the hatch. The power steering

3 Ways to Prep Pre-Owned Cars for Winter

If you live in an area that is wrought with winter weather, you know what a nightmare it is to own a vehicle during a storm. Salt, runoff water, and mountains of snow from the plows can wreak havoc on the exterior and internal systems of both new and pre-owned cars. Keeping up with responsible care for your car can help keep the problems that come from winter storms at bay, and it doesn’t take much extra effort. Use these three quick and easy ideas for keeping your car running for years to come.

1. Practice Good Tire Maintenance

Having tires rotated helps to reduce uneven wearing of the tread on tires, which can be important when driving on snow covered roads. Keep an eye out for balding tire tread ahead of winter storms so that you can be prepared for any surprise weather and can operate the vehicle safely over snow and patches of ice. Also, if you don’t have all-season tires, looking into getting special tires specifically for winter can also help keep your new or pre-owned cars handling the road safely during snowstorms.

2. Store Your Vehicle in a Sheltered Area Ahead

Economical & Fuel-Efficient Cars From the House of Suzuki

There is no denying that there lies a dire need for cost-effective and fuel efficient cars in India. The Japanese automobile giant Suzuki, in association with the Indian brand Maruti, has come up with various options, to cater to these precise requirements of the average consumer. In fact, in terms of price, quality of the ride, fuel-efficiency, and customer service, Suzuki seems to outrun its competitors. Here is a quick look at some of the economical and fuel efficient hatchbacks from Suzuki:

Suzuki Celerio

Revered as ‘India’s most Loved Hatchback car,’ the Suzuki Celerio has set some new ground rules. With the introduction of the automated manual transmission mechanism, available at a very pocket friendly price, the car does away with the convention, that automatic cars are more expensive than their manual counterparts. While the looks are fresh and eye-catching, the spacious interiors provide that extra legroom, which everyone longs for. Packed with a 1.0-litre, 3-cylinder K-Series petrol mill, adept at delivering a max power of 67 bhp and 90 Nm of peak torque, along with a very impressive 27.62 kmpl mileage (diesel), the Celerio stands as a good economic alternative to its rival brands.

4 Driving Tips for Young Drivers on the Road

Driving is a skill that one has to adopt in the best way possible as it involves oneself taking their car on a road full of other vehicles. Improper driving skills would end up in being fatal not just for the driver but also the rest on the road. All countries around the world have strict traffic and road regulations that each and every driver is to abide by. It is made for the driver’s safety and thus to protect them from dangerous results.

While a person enrols himself in a professional driving school, he would learn all the basics of driving and the ways to handle an automobile while on the road. Amongst all drivers, it is noticed that those who are young are the ones who meet with frequent accidents due to several reasons like improper and unpolished driving skills, love for speed, etc. To prevent these accidents, here are a few tips you could consider if you are a young driver and love to hit the road with your car.

• Avoid distractions – It is often noticed that most accidents occur when drivers are distracted while they are behind the wheels. Distractions

How To Pick Ladder Racks

A ladder rack is designed to fit onto the back of a commercial vehicle or van, available in various lengths and sizes. In construction, it is important to utilize the correct accessories and support for automobiles when managing small to large loads. The following tips can assist in selecting the proper racks for transport and delivery purposes.

A steel ladder rack is a popular addition for utility vehicles offering sturdy support and natural rust resistance. For a truck or ute, the availability of adjustable accessories are suitable for different motor sizes proving most efficient and safe when loading goods. There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the right type of rack for automobiles.

Ladder racks make it easier to load and off load a ladder range included in the construction, demolition, fleet management and related industries. Determine the quality in construction that will offer long lasting function, durability and simple maintenance. Steel and powder coated additions are commonly sought proving tough and sturdy for ongoing use and transportation of significant weight.

Assess the size required for transportation including the length and the weight of the rack. Universal ranges are designed to fit

All You Wanted to Know About Tiago – The Latest Offering From Tata Motors

There is no denying that Tata Motors has always offered practical and fuel-efficient cars in the market. Primarily a truck-maker, the auto giant is now set to attain an image rebirth by launching the Tiago, which has been designed, keeping in mind, the style and requirements of the brand-conscious middle class. In fact, going by the appearance, it seems to be the best looking car, ever produced by the house of Tata Motors. Below is a sneak peek on its specs, features, and the interesting story behind the naming of this hatchback.

The history behind its name

Initially dubbed as ‘Zica’, this car underwent a brand crisis in January 2016. The reason behind the hullabaloo was the sudden outbreak of the Zika virus, which compelled the auto giant to quickly think of a new name for its soon-to-be-launched hatchback. Instead of coming up with a name themselves, the car manufacturer declared a crowd-sourcing contest, inviting people from all over the world, to suggest a name for the vehicle. The results were overwhelming, with 2,20,000 engagements on Twitter, 4.8 crores impressions on Facebook, and 5500 name suggestions. The company then, shortlisted a few names, which best captured

6 Tips You Must Follow to Avoid Accidents

Several statistics have proved that teens aged from 15 to 19 are most prone to accidents. The main reason for it is most recklessness because teenagers these days have no respect for traffic rules and regulations. Yes, sure some accidents are unavoidable, but there are also some that can be avoided if the driver is a bit more careful. It goes without saying that it is imperative for any driver to be responsible behind the wheel.

Here are some great tips which would help you a lot in avoiding major accidents:-

Keep your eyes on the road at all times: Remember, when you are driving, your whole attention should be into it. It’s easy to get distracted by what is happening inside the car, but you should be responsible towards the task at hand. Cars aren’t the place for multi-tasking, so you should refrain from doing things like brushing your teeth or combing your hair (yes people actually do these things) in the car. Total concentration is of utmost importance.

Avoid talking on the phone in the car: This is one of the most frequent mistakes people make while driving. Whether you have hands free

When To Have Your Wheel Bearings Repaired Or Replaced

One of the car elements that are highly prone to wear and tear are wheel bearings. Automotive experts always say that quick detection, repair, and replacement of bad bearings can immediately protect the proper working order of your vehicle and save you from more and costlier maintenance.

Detecting worn-out wheel bearings is not a difficult task. There are tell-tale signs that you should be on the look-out for so that you can have the necessary repair or replacement carried out immediately.

These signs include the following:

Noise coming from the wheel or tire area of the moving vehicle. This is the most common and easily identifiable sign that your automotive bearings are already worn-out. This noise is usually mistaken as engine noise. However, when you listen closely, you will likely hear some grinding or grating noise that gets louder as the vehicle accelerates. In general, wheel bearings are not known for wearing out that frequently. As such, this noise is typically suspected to be something else and the problem overlooked. A more careful check-up of your car done by your mechanic can help you pinpoint this problem easier.

Your car feels loose. Professional drivers